Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings

Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings  

Michael F. Atkinson


Preference :
This book provides practical and buildable solutions for the design of foundations for housing and other low-rise buildings, especially those on abnormal or poor ground. A wealth of expert information and advice is brought together dealing with the key aspects a designer must consider in order to achieve effective and economic foundation designs. This second edition of the Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings has been completely updated in line with the new government guidelines on contaminated land and brown-field sites.

Content :

  • 1. Site Investigations.
  • 2. Foundation design.
  • 3. Foundations in cohesive soils.
  • 4. Foundations in sands and gravels.
  • 5. Building in mining localities.
  • 6. Sites with trees.
  • 7. Developing on sloping sites.
  • 8. Building on filled ground.
  • 9 Ground improvement.
  • 10. Building up to existing buildings.
  • 11. Contaminated land.

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