Principles of Reinforced Concrete

Principles of Reinforced Concrete 

Zhenhai Guo


Preference :
The courses “Theory of Reinforced Concrete Structures” [1-1] and “Strength and Constitutive Relation of Concrete” [1-2] were started in the early 1980s for the post-graduate students in structural engineering and related fields in Tsinghua University. The lectures, and the syllabus, and the contents of both courses are varied during the teaching practice. Two courses are composed and named “Principles of Reinforced Concrete” in the 1990s. The author gave a lecture on this course for several years and wrote the textbook of the same name [1-3], based on the teaching draft. After the book was published in 1999, it is also adopted as the textbook or main reference for similar courses of both post- and under-graduates of many universities in China. And, it is helpful as well for the university lecturers. In addition, some- times the book is used by structural engineers during their scientific or technical work.

Content :

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Basic Mechanical Behavior
  • 3. Behavior Under Influence of Main Factors
  • 4. Various Structural Concrete
  • 5. Multiaxial Strength and Constitutive Relation
  • 6. Mechanical Behavior of Reinforcement
  • 7. Bond Between Reinforcement and Concrete
  • 8. Mechanical Behavior Under Axial Force
  • 9. Confined Concrete
  • 10. Mechanical Response of Deformation Difference
  • 11. Strength of Member Under Compression and Bending
  • 12. Tensile Crack
  • 13. Flexural Stiffness and Deformation
  • 14. Strength of Member Under Shear Force
  • 15. Strength of Member Under Torsion
  • 16. Seismic Resistance
  • 17. Fatigue Resistance
  • 18. Explosion Resistance
  • 19. Fire Resistance
  • 20. Durability
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