Multi‐storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures

Multi-storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures 

Kim S. Elliott 


Preference :
Of all the major forms of multi-story building construction, structural precast concrete is perhaps
understood by the fewest practitioners. This is a significant ‘blind spot’ in that part of the building
profession associated with the design and construction of large or small multi-storey precast and
prestressed concrete frames. This is due mainly to two particular factors:
 The notion of using a modular form of construction, such as precast concrete, is not widely taught
at the undergraduate level because it is thought of as being too restrictive in the wider application of
theory and design instruction.
 Precast concrete design is usually carried out in-house by a small number of specialist engineers
employed by the precast manufacturing companies.

Content :

  • Precast Concepts, History, and Design Philosophy
  • Procurement and Documentation
  • Architectural and Framing Considerations
  • Design of Skeletal Structures
  • Design of Precast Floors Used in Precast Frames
  • Composite Construction
  • Design of Connections and Joints
  • Designing for Horizontal Load
  • Structural Integrity and the Design for Accidental Loading
  • Site Practice and Temporary Stability

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