Construction Project Management Planning, Scheduling and Controlling

Construction Project Management Planning, Scheduling and Controlling 

K. K. Chitkara
Preference :
Construction Project Management, in its present form, is the end product of my over 25 years of experience at a senior level of planning and managing major construction projects, both in India and the Middle East; and imparting instructions on the subject to practicing professionals, engineers, and engineering students. Project is a mission, undertaken to create a unique facility, product, or service within the specified scope, quality, time, and costs. With the emerging global opportunities, projects cross geographical boundaries, corporate channels, traditional systems, and cultural diversities. The knowledge areas needed to manage such projects comprise project management techniques, general management practices, and technology-related subjects. The project management techniques of planning, scheduling, and controlling are the tools and devices that bind the subject’s knowledge areas. These techniques can be applied to all types of projects. This book covers its application in the field of construction.

Content :

  • Construction Projects Management Framework
  • Planning Project Works Scope and Its Integration Processes
  • defining Project Activities
  • Project CPM/PeRT network Analysis
  • Precedence Network Analysis
  • Scheduling Project Work and Resources
  • Planning construction Manpower
  • Planning construction Materials
  • Project construction equipment
  • Selecting construction equipment
  • Planning construction costs
  • contractor’s construction Budget
  • controlling Project Integration and Work Scope
  • controlling Resources Productivity
  • contractor’s cost control System
  • controlling Project Time Schedule
  • Risk Management at construction Site—An overview
  • Project Management Information System (PMIS)
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